Sunday, 12 September 2010

Point and Click Coaching - TRUTH

Sometimes you just have to stop what you're doing, whatever that might be...

I've been a subscriber Lee McItyre's program for a while now and am so blown away with the content and value it provides that I felt compelled to provide an honest review, hence Point and Click Coaching - TRUTH.

Just before I get onto the in's and out's of Point and Click Coaching I just want to mention that not only do you receive the massive amounts of content from the course itself but also much, much more.

For example this week I received the rights to a resell product because Lee doesn't have the time to market it himself and I get to keep 100% of the profits, this is not part of the coaching itself but instead a perk of being a subscriber.

Yes 100% and I didn't have to buy it or promise Lee a percentage of the commissions - I hope you can see the massive value and exceptional chances of success that Lee and the Point and Click Coaching provides.

Being a subscriber myself and considering I am in a perfect position to review the product, I will try to answer all your questions so please read on.

So what is Point and Click Coaching?

It is a 52 week coaching program to take your business from scratch (or where it is right now) to a fully automated business raking in five figure profits every single month.

The cost is $97 per month but you should start making some income from the coaching within 2 months (if not sooner).

The coaching comes in the form of weekly video's and there are 4 sections to each weeks coaching:

1. Video Coaching
2. Assignment
3. Tools
4. Discussion

Let's take a look at these 4 coaching areas in more detail:

1. Video Coaching - as the title eludes to this is Point and Click Coaching, i.e. not only are you taught the theory behind what you're being taught you are actually shown what to do step by step, no stone is left unturned!

2. Assignment - after being taught exactly what you're doing and how to do it you will be given an assignment, this is the action you need to take to start or grow your INSTANT ONLINE business.

3. Tools - not only are you provided with the 'what to do' and the 'how to do' but you're also given the tools to do it. Unbelievable right, you don't need to go finding the tools you're given them. Now I'm not just talking about 'click this link' for the software or 'download this plug and play tool' from the members resources area but in addition to all this you are provided with written blogs, articles and traffic generation but to name just a few of the crazy tools you are given.

4. Discussion - if you have any questions about the coaching you have received submit your questions to the help desk for a pretty quick answer.

Inside the members area of Point and Click Coaching:

So what else is there, I've added a link below where you can get a 14 day trial, if you find it's not for you all you have to do is contact the help desk which is really easy to do and you will not have to pay a penny, this is of course even after you have access to recent recordings from a 2 day workshop (which incidentally is worth about $1,997)

Free Instant Workshop Access and DVD Here

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of Point and Click Coaching - TRUTH.

Thanks for looking.


ps. Don't let this opportunity slip through your grasp, it's really easy just click the link.

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