Monday, 13 September 2010

Buy Point and Click Coaching

So you want financial freedom and you want personal freedom to work whenever you want to, not when you are told but whenever you like, go ahead click to Buy Point and Click Coaching.

But what is Point and Click Coaching and who is Lee McIntyre?

The coaching is initially a 52 week coaching course delivered by weekly video link through the members area, each video coaching session lasting for 30-40 minutes, after which you are provided with an assignment. For example to create a Blog using newly acquired marketing skills or create a traffic pulling article etc

Lee McIntyre identified a method to market and sell information products to a captive audience in such an explosive way that he was able to quit his day job in 56 days. Since this time roughly 3 years ago he has gone on to develop some uniquely powerful marketing tools and strategies, these tools and strategies are the essence of Point and Click Coaching.

The coaching is exactly as it should be i.e. the video firstly explains the theory or the ‘why’ you are taking your next step and then explains and shows the ‘how to’. It is a very simple system to get up and running with a new online business or apply the awesome new skills to catapult your current business.

Take action today to change your life tomorrow.
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Now you may be wondering:
- how you will have the time to watch a 30-40 video whilst understanding the content and taking notes,
- or maybe how you’re going to find the time to implement the fantastic strategies and take action
- or how long it will take to make some money, after all obviously you want a return on your investment
- what if this is not for me

“Hopefully I have highlighted some of the many benefits to you however it would be amiss of me if I didn't also highlight the failings of the coaching.

It does take some time and effort to understand the great content in the videos and to implement the fantastic strategies and of course to profit from your investment when you buy Point and Click Coaching.

But of course it would you want to understand exactly everything being taught so you can implement the exact same strategies in your business. You wouldn't want to be taught say 75% of the course but bear in mind that if you already have some knowledge of internet marketing then your understanding will be much quicker. This is not to say a complete beginner can't understand the content, no way, the videos show you what to do, which websites to go to, even which buttons to click!

You are being taught the very same strategies that Lee is using in his business right now to earn £103,153.96 per month, if you want to learn and apply these techniques then you will want to make loads of notes so that you can copy exactly the methods a successful entrepreneur is using right now.

If you feel the Point and Click Coaching course is not for you just remember that you get a 14 day trial, in addition to this you can cancel at any time through the members contact area even if you are in week 51 of the course!

Thanks for looking.

ps Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers if you want to truly succeed online!


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