Monday, 13 September 2010

Lee McIntyre FREE Worshop

Hi, I hope you have enjoyed the Lee McIntyre FREE workshop.

If not I have put the link just above for you.

However you may be concerned about the word 'FREE', let me IMMEDIATELY put your fears to rest.

The information you will receive is from a 2 day workshop Lee McIntyre recently hosted revealing the 7 rules momentum and yes it is COMPLETELY FREE, all you have to do is click the link, enter your name and e-mail address and submit.

The video will reveal:

- the 7 rules of momentum that you MUST follow if you want to enjoy RAPID success online (if you're not following all 7 then you're doomed to fail before you start)

- the number one most effective strategy for compelling anyone in ANY market to buy big ticket items on autopilot (HINT: it involves selling less and giving more)

- the number one reason why most newbies fail and how to overcome this FAST (this one tiny tweak will quadruple your chances of success in LESS than a day)

- how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and have your prospects begging to buy your products!(get this right and you can charge premium prices for everything you sell!)

And don't forget you also get INSTANT Online Access to EVERYTHING.


To be upfront and honest Lee wants an ARMY of affiliate subscribers, so basically when you have viewed the Lee McIntyre free workshop which is full of massive great value content that will kick start your online business or can definitely be applied to your current online business to send your profits sky-rocketing you will undoubtedly want to sign up to the Point and Click Coaching Course.

Now this is absolutely a good thing, not only will you receive the most up to date training, using the same techniques and strategies that Lee uses in his own online business but you will given FREE products and plug-and-play tools also.

It is absolutely awesome!

Don't forget you can cancel at any time to receive a full refund and the process is very simple.

So don't delay any longer, don't let this great risk free opportunity get away from you.


Buy Point and Click Coaching

So you want financial freedom and you want personal freedom to work whenever you want to, not when you are told but whenever you like, go ahead click to Buy Point and Click Coaching.

But what is Point and Click Coaching and who is Lee McIntyre?

The coaching is initially a 52 week coaching course delivered by weekly video link through the members area, each video coaching session lasting for 30-40 minutes, after which you are provided with an assignment. For example to create a Blog using newly acquired marketing skills or create a traffic pulling article etc

Lee McIntyre identified a method to market and sell information products to a captive audience in such an explosive way that he was able to quit his day job in 56 days. Since this time roughly 3 years ago he has gone on to develop some uniquely powerful marketing tools and strategies, these tools and strategies are the essence of Point and Click Coaching.

The coaching is exactly as it should be i.e. the video firstly explains the theory or the ‘why’ you are taking your next step and then explains and shows the ‘how to’. It is a very simple system to get up and running with a new online business or apply the awesome new skills to catapult your current business.

Take action today to change your life tomorrow.
Free Instant Workshop Access and DVD Here

Now you may be wondering:
- how you will have the time to watch a 30-40 video whilst understanding the content and taking notes,
- or maybe how you’re going to find the time to implement the fantastic strategies and take action
- or how long it will take to make some money, after all obviously you want a return on your investment
- what if this is not for me

“Hopefully I have highlighted some of the many benefits to you however it would be amiss of me if I didn't also highlight the failings of the coaching.

It does take some time and effort to understand the great content in the videos and to implement the fantastic strategies and of course to profit from your investment when you buy Point and Click Coaching.

But of course it would you want to understand exactly everything being taught so you can implement the exact same strategies in your business. You wouldn't want to be taught say 75% of the course but bear in mind that if you already have some knowledge of internet marketing then your understanding will be much quicker. This is not to say a complete beginner can't understand the content, no way, the videos show you what to do, which websites to go to, even which buttons to click!

You are being taught the very same strategies that Lee is using in his business right now to earn £103,153.96 per month, if you want to learn and apply these techniques then you will want to make loads of notes so that you can copy exactly the methods a successful entrepreneur is using right now.

If you feel the Point and Click Coaching course is not for you just remember that you get a 14 day trial, in addition to this you can cancel at any time through the members contact area even if you are in week 51 of the course!

Thanks for looking.

ps Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers if you want to truly succeed online!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Point and Click Coaching - TRUTH

Sometimes you just have to stop what you're doing, whatever that might be...

I've been a subscriber Lee McItyre's program for a while now and am so blown away with the content and value it provides that I felt compelled to provide an honest review, hence Point and Click Coaching - TRUTH.

Just before I get onto the in's and out's of Point and Click Coaching I just want to mention that not only do you receive the massive amounts of content from the course itself but also much, much more.

For example this week I received the rights to a resell product because Lee doesn't have the time to market it himself and I get to keep 100% of the profits, this is not part of the coaching itself but instead a perk of being a subscriber.

Yes 100% and I didn't have to buy it or promise Lee a percentage of the commissions - I hope you can see the massive value and exceptional chances of success that Lee and the Point and Click Coaching provides.

Being a subscriber myself and considering I am in a perfect position to review the product, I will try to answer all your questions so please read on.

So what is Point and Click Coaching?

It is a 52 week coaching program to take your business from scratch (or where it is right now) to a fully automated business raking in five figure profits every single month.

The cost is $97 per month but you should start making some income from the coaching within 2 months (if not sooner).

The coaching comes in the form of weekly video's and there are 4 sections to each weeks coaching:

1. Video Coaching
2. Assignment
3. Tools
4. Discussion

Let's take a look at these 4 coaching areas in more detail:

1. Video Coaching - as the title eludes to this is Point and Click Coaching, i.e. not only are you taught the theory behind what you're being taught you are actually shown what to do step by step, no stone is left unturned!

2. Assignment - after being taught exactly what you're doing and how to do it you will be given an assignment, this is the action you need to take to start or grow your INSTANT ONLINE business.

3. Tools - not only are you provided with the 'what to do' and the 'how to do' but you're also given the tools to do it. Unbelievable right, you don't need to go finding the tools you're given them. Now I'm not just talking about 'click this link' for the software or 'download this plug and play tool' from the members resources area but in addition to all this you are provided with written blogs, articles and traffic generation but to name just a few of the crazy tools you are given.

4. Discussion - if you have any questions about the coaching you have received submit your questions to the help desk for a pretty quick answer.

Inside the members area of Point and Click Coaching:

So what else is there, I've added a link below where you can get a 14 day trial, if you find it's not for you all you have to do is contact the help desk which is really easy to do and you will not have to pay a penny, this is of course even after you have access to recent recordings from a 2 day workshop (which incidentally is worth about $1,997)

Free Instant Workshop Access and DVD Here

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of Point and Click Coaching - TRUTH.

Thanks for looking.


ps. Don't let this opportunity slip through your grasp, it's really easy just click the link.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Point and Click Coaching FREE Video

Have you seen the truly amazing content in Lee McIntyre's Point and Click Coaching FREE video? Have you ever wanted to know how to build your online business from scratch in the quickest possible time?

But first and so that I don't forget and you don't miss out, click on the following link for FREE INSTANT ACCESS to a package worth a staggering $1,997.

Yes this is absolutely FREE just for visiting this review.

The video contains 2 days of footage where Lee McIntyre captivated his audience with his teachings on "The Massive Monthly Payrise Method", Deep Connection Dynamics", Automatic Traffic Control" and his "Affiliate Army Method" - make sure you grab your instant access NOW.

Free Instant Workshop Access and DVD here

??? Well I suppose you may be wondering why Lee is giving you FREE INSTANT ACCESS to the Point and Click Coaching FREE Video, his recordings of the 2 day workshop where many of his attendees paid $997 for the ticket alone, not to mention travelling expenses and accommodation and also considering the huge amount of totally awesome feedback that lee has received.

??? And you're probably wondering why Lee is giving away this amazing video containing such a huge amount of value, great value content that you could easily use to start your own online business or great value strategies that you could easily apply to your current online business to increase traffic or sales by as much as 300% (just view the testimonials)???

Well obviously Lee is not totally generous and clearly there is something in it for him, that is to acquire as many new customers as possible. Lee is so confident that the Point and Click Coaching FREE Video will turn potential customers into fans and not only will they purchase this product but when (and it won't take too long) that potential customers make a profit they will come back for more to obviously buy more of Lee's great high value, super content products.

These new customers will find Lee's courses so great that they too will recommend them thus building an army of subscribers and affiliate marketeers.

In case you haven't clicked on the FREE Video link yet here it is again:
Free Instant Workshop Access and DVD here

Thanks for looking.

ps Don't pass up this potentially life changing opportunity it could be the best decision you ever make.

pps Don't forget to check out Lee McIntyre's Point and Click Coaching program.

Point and Click Coaching - Review

How To Do Things Inside Out and Upside Down

Have you ever wanted a step by step plan that shows you how to build your online business from scratch and start making money in the quickest possible time?

Top UK Internet Marketer Lee McIntyre recently presented his "Inside Out / Upside Down" workshop to a captive audience in Manchester UK teaching the exact steps he took to build his business and start earning $20,000 per month in just 56 days from scratch.

In fact, Lee didn't build his business the "normal" way, and actually ended up doing the complete opposite to what most of the so-called "marketing gurus" out there teach.

And his methods definitely work!

Lee's business is now doing a whopping 6 figures each and every month... and he teaches exactly how to do this in his "Inside Out / Upside Down" workshop.

You see, not only is Lee a great teacher (he used to be a high school teacher before starting his online business), but he also reveals exactly what's working in his business right now without holding anything back. And what's more, the bulk of the closely guarded strategies and techniques that Lee teaches were invented by himself - no one else is teaching this stuff!

For 2 days straight, Lee captivated his audience with his teachings on "The Massive Monthly Payrise Method", "Deep Connection Dynamics", "Automatic Traffic Control", and his "Affiliate Army Method"... to name a few! And many of the attendees were left spellbound by the sheer amount of profitable 'how to' information shared over the 2 days.

Now, it's worth pointing out that many of the attendees at Lee's workshop paid $997 for the ticket alone, not to mention the cost of travel and accommodation, but judging by the awesome feedback Lee received over the 2 days, he could have charged 5 times the price - it was THAT valuable!

Lee has also stated that he won't be teaching this workshop ever again as it was a one-off and is never to be repeated. Luckily though he did have a professional camera crew present to record the entire workshop and capture every profitable strategy and golden nugget of marketing information delivered over the 2 full days.

So how can I get my hands on a copy of these recordings? ...I hear you ask!

Well, Lee originally decided to package the recordings as part of a high end training boxset with a pretty hefty price tag... somewhere in the $1,997 ball park. And for this price it would actually be a steal when you consider the sheer amount of profitable information that Lee taught over the 2 days.

But that's not how Lee built his online business...

So Lee has done something a bit crazy here and he's actually decided to give away the recordings to his $1,997 workshop completely for FREE.

(...yes, you read that correctly!)

You see, one of Lee's main philosophies is to give first... and sell second. It's one of the BIG secrets to his fast online success.

But you'd better be quick, because Lee isn't going to make this available for much longer. He's not THAT crazy!

To get in on this insane offer before you miss out altogether you need to go to the following page right now and take advantage of this before it's too late:

Free Instant Workshop Access and DVD here

Seriously, Lee is giving away the entire workshop for free! So here's your chance to learn from one of the top marketers in the UK right now who's built his business by doing things differently to what most of the big gurus teach.

And what's more, you'll be completely taken by surprise when you witness the speed at which his methods can be followed to build your business in the fastest possible time.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers and grab this with both hands while you still can!

Free Video here

Thanks for looking.

ps Don't forget to check out the FREE Instant Workshop Access and DVD!